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so. we’ve been working on a card company for a while. headed up by jane (jolyon’s mum) being the big boss. and her, me and another friend called anna doing designs.

jolyon finished the first version of the website last night and made it live. please check it out and let me know what you think. there will be more things to come; additional cards, more artists, taking payment online (at the moment it’s an order form & cheque sending…) and some changes to the site design (i’ve been browsing it today and have noticed some usability things that could do with tweeking… have to break that to jol when he gets home!) still, for our first foray into this i am very proud of us all.

there’s a sweet story behind the name of the company. it’s all down to some soft toys. a little quirky red bear of mine and jol’s called (rather imaginatively) redbear, and a funny looking hare of jane’s called egor. both jane and i separately had the idea of starting a card company, we also both have a thing for the toys in our lives. when we voiced the thought of creating cards to each other, i was rather inspired by the fact that her hare and my bear rhymed, and wouldn’t that be a good name for a company. thus, hare and bear was created. it took over a year for it to actually come together, but it’s so good that it has.

i will try to get some pics of them both (although egor is used in the hare and bear logo. redbear not so, because his head just wouldn’t point in the right direction… well, you know what they say about working with stuffed animals)

more about the development of the company later!

(and hopefully some pictures of all involved, from toys to people)

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  1. just had a quick look around the site- congratulations! It must be so exciting to have it up and running. I especially loved your two snow globe cards.

  2. coriander says:

    Congrats – Love the cards and the site. In fact, I’ve just posted off an order form and cheque. I do think ‘apothocary’ would make a great card too. I’d buy it.

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