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Was down Neal Street, Covent Garden (the place of many shoe shops) when we came across what can only be described as the Most Awesomest Shoes EVAH!

Tiny shoes for little people. (What is it about things for small people that make them even more awesome and cute-tastic?)

I know a little boy who would rock these shoes like… well, like someone who rocks shoes. The great thing about being cool auntie? I can get cool shoes for cool babies who can rock them.

This little boy.


He of Skull and Cross-bone hat, plastic bat above crib & “I listen to Slayer with my Daddy” romper suit.

I bought a size 4, but then didn’t see him for a month and he grew like – uber fast (like babies have that habit of doing) and I had to go and exchange them. I went for a size 7 (2 sizes too big so he’ll grow into them).

When I showed them to him he took them out of my hands, then placed them on the floor, sat down and started to remove the pair of shoes he was wearing. Lacking the dexterity to deal with the laces on his new shoes (a step up from the Velcro closing on the other pair) daddy and I helped him put them on.

As soon as they were attached he was off. Running up and down the hallway – he had adopted a new duck waddle gait due to the oversized footwear – but seemed to be enjoying the experience none-the-less.

I tried to take a photo of him in them (you know -  to show you all just how much he ROCKS these shoes) but I kept getting blurry pictures of his back as he ran away in glee.

If I ever manage to get him to be still and pose (?!And the likelihood of this will be…?!) I will post a picture – but until then you will have to take my word for it.

This boy rocks the Most Awesomest Shoes EVAH.

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