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Sunday Fail

It has been one of those days.

Where things don’t go quite as planned.

We set the alarm last night with the plan to wake early and go climbing first thing.

I do recall the alarm going off… but then we ignored it for… well, hours.

We finally woke up and I remembered we had planned to have cherry pancakes for breakfast (inspired by the reduced cherry’s we had bought from the supermarket yesterday), I had fed our sourdough starter last night, it was ready to go and I started slicing and de-seeding the fruit when…

No eggs.

We went to the shop yesterday. We stood in the aisle with the eggs. We had a conversation about eggs (do we need eggs? ‘shrug’ don’t think so, ok) But on our kitchen counter? No eggs.

So Jol very kindly throws on clothes to go purchase them.

We successfully have breakfast (better late than never and quite frankly cherry pancakes are good any time of day) manage to waste more time (but it’s a Sunday, wasting time on a Sunday is acceptable, if not a necessity) finally have showers (because if you are planning to leave the house eventually one really should try to be clean) and finally leave to go climbing, but bump into our neighbours at the bins (like you do) and while Victoria and I (yes, my neighbour and I share a name) struggle with the various bags of recycling we are putting into the over full, out of the way and difficult to reach bins, the boys stand and discuss all things manly with their arms crossed… or something. After we go our separate ways, we reach the climbing centre to be greeted by many, many people and it’s a struggle to find to find a free wall.

But it’s all ok.

Because Burritos.

And a tasty dinner can make a slightly wonky day feel straight again.

But then, just as I am thinking of going to bed I remember.

Blog post.

It’s Sunday again. I need to write a post for this week.

So this is what you get folks. The whole day has been slightly not as planned, and consequently so is this post. A bit slapdash and not quite as planned, but it’s here and so that’s ok.

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