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It is Saturday. I am writing this one whole day early (though I feel I should not limit myself to writing on a Sunday with an “Oh fuck, it’s blog writing day!” attitude). This is because we are being unusually social, and I actually don’t think there will be time for me to write this tomorrow. But also based on what I just wrote there is brackets, it’s also because I don’t wish to restrict myself to a narrow routine and want to open up my writing into a more spontaneous activity.

Or something equally pretentious and bullshitty.

Last September some fucker stole the back wheel off my bike. I mean really. What an asshole right?

It was kinda ok though (in a “This is TOTALLY NOT OK” kind of way) because my bike was over 10 years old, held together with gaffer tape and cable ties and weighed a ton (well, 20-ish kilos. But still, that’s like riding along on 20 bags of sugar, or bags of flour, or… 20 other bags of things that weigh about 1 kilo) So I was considering buying a new bike anyhow. The sudden lack of rear wheel rather expedited that thought.

I did some research. I test rode some bikes. I wanted something comfortable that was good off and on road, that was preferably light enough for me to carry up 4 flights of stairs to my flat, that didn’t cost too much.

There were a few contenders, but I just seemed unable to make a decision.

Then the nights started drawing in, and cycling to work didn’t seem like so much fun because riding in the dark is a little scary. Especially if part of the ride is on the parkland walk which by day is a beautiful woodland path, but by night is a corridor of creepy fear, murderous beasts and certain death.

So I put it off.

Then; January sales!

I looked back over my previous shortlist, and chose one.

Just like that.

We took my old bike to bikeworks and donated it to them so they could strip it for parts and give it a second chance at life. Then onto the bike shop for the purchase of my new bicycle.

It is yellow.

A little, fairly lightweight, hybrid with locking suspension.

Go me and my new wheels.

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  1. Sarah B says:

    I imagine you reacting to the theft of your bicycle wheel like Sally Hawkins’ Poppy in the film Happy-Go-Lucky: ‘Poppy bicycles effervescently through the streets of London, not a care in the world, before pausing to do some book shopping (and playfully harass the store’s employee). When she finally leaves, she discovers that her bike has been stolen. “I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye,” she sighs, before moving on, not one to let this small bit of victimization get her down.’ (description shamelessly stolen from http://reverseshot.org/reviews/entry/924/happygolucky as I couldn’t find a YouTube clip of the scene).

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