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Take Note!

At a loss for what to write about this week, I noticed an old blog post draft called “Blog post ideas”. As the title suggests, I created this draft a few years ago (when I was planning on writing more) as somewhere to collate any ideas for posts I might have.

What I have discovered is; I have no clue what most of the notes mean. Written in a, quite frankly, half arsed way, with very little detail, this collection of random summaries and disconnected jottings mean nothing to me anymore.

Ohhh, when I wrote them I believed the words I had chosen were enough to relay the message to my future self.

I was mistaken.

I would have to say, I don’t think Past Me realised the Future Me that would be trying to use these notes was going to be quite as far into the future as I am. I think Past Me thought Present Me would be more on top of this writing business, and get on it faster than I did.

And if Past Me had been correct about that, then maybe that ShortTermFuture Me would have still had a clue what Past Me had meant. But as CurrentQuiteALotFurtherIntoTheFutureThanPlanned Me, I have to say: Past Me, you should have made better notes.

Some samples:

  • having to cook as well! too much. i’ll eat whatever (serves up sautéed yak testicle with slug sprinkles id have something to say – but within reason)
  • spider in pants
  • dippy eggs – small eggcups -dissolving- so many plates – bacon sandwich and fried bread
  • lady cabs – you are not a woman. football traffic. odd route home. strange bloke sharing cab.

See? How are these supposed to mean anything to anybody?

Except the one about the spider pants. That I remember. I’ll keep that for another post 🙂


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