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50 Shades of No

I have not read nor seen the film adaptation of 50 Shades of grey.

This means that I really have no place in having an opinion on it. How can I express my disgust at something I have not actually consumed?

I am not here to write about the negative impact (or otherwise) of 50 Shades’ content. There are others who have put themselves through the (ahem) torture of reading/watching this odious thing, who have written more knowledgeably and eloquently than I. Links are below and you should give them a read.

The reason I have not read nor watched it is the point of my piece here.

The film has taken £84 million so far. The book; 4 million sold in the UK with a 3 million re-print to keep up with demand, and 15 million in the USA and Canada. It’s the fastest selling book behind Harry Potter.

No people, NO!

While I am sure author EL James is happily being spanked on her piles and piles of money, setting notes on fire to alight the candles that will soon be dripping wax over various body parts, I am also sure there are many, MANY other authors who deserve your financial support more.

I am certain there is other erotic fiction available that is… you know, actually good.

And this is my point.

When you buy a book, when you purchase your cinema ticket, you are endorsing the product. You are telling the people who are providing this entertainment or merchandise – Whether it’s a shitty book, a crappy movie, a badly made product, an unethical manufacturer, a corrupt banking institution – whatever it is that you are giving your money to – you are telling them YES! Yes please do more of the same. I like this thing you do, you should do more.

And here’s the thing people, you might think “Ahh hell, it’ll be a giggle, a group of us girls going to see a stupid movie for valentines! we’ll go to a bar for some cocktails and then, hohoho, go see a movie with people doing naughty things to each other, hehehe”

There are better things to do with your time. There are better things you can do with your money.

And I don’t mean ‘invest well! you want to be comfortable when you reach your pension age!’, I mean, support creators that are making good work. Companies that are producing with ethical standards.

We have power. Where we choose to spend our hard earned pennies tells providers what it is that we want, and because the providers want our hard earned pennies, they will listen to us.

So I did not buy the book. And I will not watch the movie. Because I do not want more poorly written, badly acted movies with disturbing messages like this to be made. By following the money the producers have been negligent.

Put your money where your pouty, lip biting mouth is.


Say no to abuse. Boycott 50 Shades of Grey, the movie: sign the petition These guys even started a petition (which I signed) before the film was released. It’s a shame so few people signed it. When I signed they were 2/3rds of the way to their 150k target. Millions of people gave money to read and watch 50 Shades, but not even 150,000 people would put their name to something that says “Do no advocate abusive relationships”

Even the co-stars of the movie think 50 Shades of Grey is awful The cast think it’s shit; what does that tell you?

I Dated Christian Grey: How Women Are Groomed For Abuse

A Letter to My Children About Fifty Shades of Grey

A Psychiatrist’s Letter to Young People about Fifty Shades of Grey

6 real quotes from ‘Fifty Shades’ that could make you rethink how you feel about it (A very clickbate-y title, but it is from upworthy so…)


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