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Work Avoidance

You know the one.

There’s this thing that you have to do, and suddenly everything else becomes incredibly important; laundry, making lunch, sorting out that other thing, cups of tea, milk! you should definitely nip out and buy some more milk.

I have been experiencing this with having to write blog posts.

Why I am having resistance to writing I do not know. Funny thing is, once I start, text flows forth from my fingers in some kind of magical way, but before I start, it seems like an impossible task.

But resistance I have. I have spent hours, hours, looking at templates for wordpress, because it’s very important this blog looks nice right? So instead of writing the blog, I should totally waste time checking out the literally hundreds of options available to me, rather than actually writing the thing.

Accounts. I have actually resorted to my finances in an attempt to put this off. Which isn’t a totally terrible thing. I had been putting off sorting those out too, so my avoidance of blog writing has at least fixed my avoidance of accounting.

It’s not like I don’t have anything to write about either, just see my post about my awesome note taking, but even though I find myself saying “I don’t know what to write about” I also spend a significant amount of time pondering something which I feel would work as a post, to the point where I narrate the post in my head. This is all well and good, but my head is not the page, and when I am faced with the blank new post my head goes “Nope, sorry, nothing here” even though I told it all those great ideas only a while ago!

So, just be warned, instead of new blog posts in the future, you might just notice the site changes it’s outfit as it tries on new templates for size instead.


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